Merchant Participation

Business owners:
BLT Valus will bring new customers into your business!

Please view the video below.

Below is a brief explanation of BLT Values:
Merchant gift cards are offered at 75% of face value on the BLT Values website.
As a portion of all gift cards sold through BLT Values will help fund local Schools, Churches, & Non-Profits, they will direct their supporters to the BLT Values web site where Supporters save money purchasing gift cards to shop with Local merchants.
After their gift cards are sold, merchants can either collect 45% of the face value of their gift cards in cash, 90% in other merchants' gift cards, or 100% of face value in BLT Community Dollars virtual currency.

What makes BLT Values different from other half-price or discount sites?
Other sites focus on sending discount shoppers into advertisers’ businesses. These customers want great discounts and will rarely return to the business unless another great discount is offered.
BLT Values focuses on customers who don’t usually use coupons. Participating businesses will see customers who want to make a difference, customers who will be rewarded with savings for supporting our community.
These customers will feel good about their purchases and are more likely to return.